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Refuels - based in the Netherlands - sources and supplies biomethane throughout Europe. We established an excellent track record structuring new renewable energy supply chains and make them sustainable and profitable. We reach out to biomethane producers and consumers for a long-term cooperation and provide them with advice, support, knowledge and an interesting business proposition.

Refuels is ISCC certified, an EU Renewable Energy Directive approved scheme, which provides traceability along the supply chain and verifies that companies meet environmental and social standards throughout Europe.

What we believe

Clean renewable energy is the new standard: we believe that bio-based materials reduce the dependency on limited fossil resources and lower greenhouse gas emissions. We contribute to the implementation of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production and use of biomethane.

Our aim is to become a European leader in sourcing and supplying biomethane. We are also committed to supporting our customers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.  We believe that our approach builds trust and makes innovative and credible approaches possible. We connect all stakeholders and provide them access to renewable energy in the most efficient, effective and sustainable way possible.

Refuels is ISCC certified, an EU Renewable Energy Directive approved scheme, which provides traceability along the supply chain and verifies that companies meet environmental and social standards throughout Europe.

What we do

Refuels handles multiple Biofuels with focus on biomethane that can be used for different applications. The European production of biogas has taken a flight during the last 10 years and upgrading biogas to biomethane is becoming the new market standard. We develop new markets for biomethane in order to support the conversion of Biogas2Power to Biogas2Biomethane. We facilitate the production and application of biomethane through Europe. We set up businesses and with all stakeholders, we learn, share knowledge, and build new collaborative approaches.

Refuels services

How we do it

We structure Biomethane supply chains to fulfil and optimize all sustainability criteria throughout the value chain based on the highest standards. We can setup joint project organizations together with all stakeholders. We work together with our clients, collectively define the project, set goals, and determine metrics for success. Our approach is professional and complies with sustainability standards. To establish sustainable biomethane supply chains Refuels:

  • is a professional counterpart with excellent track record
  • complies with highest sustainability standards
  • has a personal, flexible and efficient approach

Refuels services

Biomethane sourcing

Biomethane sourcing

Refuels has long lasting experience contracting biomethane from producers. We understand the needs and restrictions of producers. We provide producers with a long-term sourcing contract, financial forecasts, sustainability reporting and certification services, in short: a solid offer.

CNG Fuels Biomethane Gas Station for Trucks

Biomethane supply

The application of biomethane is wide spread. We see customers purchasing biomethane for:

Biomethane trading

Biomethane trading

Refuels releases producers and clients from managing their own exact production and take-off obligations. We balance the production and take off from multiple producers and clients. We level out the natural mismatch between one producer and one client and release both sides from facing single counterparty risk in the supply chain.


Sustainability certification

Refuels supports producers with access to other (European) markets. We provide consultancy services to encourage producers to get sustainability certification compliant with National and European legislation. Refuels provides assistance with various parts of the certification process such as greenhouse gas emissions calculations, Mass Balance approach and a trusted framework for sustainability reporting



Refuels is experienced in maintaining the chain of custody throughout the supply chain. We are ISCC EU certified, which means it can be part of and manage the biomethane supply chain in Europe. Refuels is present at every part of the supply chain, from upstream (production) to downstream (end-users). We provide each party in the supply chain with operational services.

Project development

Project development

When producers initialize a new project they most of the time enter an unknown territory. Refuels can primarily provide a long-term sourcing contract for the biomethane that will provide the necessary security for funding partners. Refuels as well provides assistance with applying for different support schemes or for the benefit of the project Refuels takes a share in the project by providing funds itself.


Direction: green energy. On the possibilities of biomethane production for the wastewater treatment industry.

Poland has a great potential for biomethane production. Interview with Jasper Nillesen (REFUELS) by Anna Lembicz (Izba Gospodarcza Wodociągi Polskie) published in the June edition of  Polish waterworks quarterly (kwartalnik Wodociągi Polskie). Anna Lembicz (Wodociagi Polskie): The technology of generating heat and electricity from biogas through cogeneration is widely known and applied. Interest in the subject of […]


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